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Healthy & Beautiful - Thoughts and feelings... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
300+ and Shrinking

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Healthy & Beautiful [Dec. 26th, 2010|04:30 am]
300+ and Shrinking


[mood |geeky]

Hey gals (and maybe guys) I've been looking through the members page for awhile now and was tempted to join a group that was well, active. At the very least I see there are people who are still posting, yey! I am a new member, so like all, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and fill out the questionnaire.

10 quick questions:
1. What is your current weight? Around 290, this is my HW recorded.
2. How much are you wanting to lose and by when? I don't have a set date on the calendar, i.e. May 20th 2014, I just want to lose the weight and well, I have a lot to lose. I want to say I'd be comfortable at 160, but if I can accomplish that much I might go for less, steadily. I don't think I want to say I'm going to rapidly lose the weight either, I can't race, I know I'll mess myself up if I do. For the sake of the question though I'd like to lose a little over 50+ by the year.
3. How long have you been overweight? It's typical to say all my life, when I fact I wasn't really overweight to begin with. At least not at the numbers I am now. Growing up as a child I was normal, but kids in school didn't make me feel normal. At the end of middle school I remember feeling grossily overweight when I wasn't By Highschool I was 220 which was murder around teens, but friends would confess daily that I wasn't large, just thick and curvy because I carried it so well. [ I was into sports.] Time skip that by four years and I graduated a little at 260, feeling fat and depressed, add a few trials and here I am at 290, ready to make a change.
4. What kind of methods of weight loss have you tried? I can't say I tried everything, but then again I can. Did I do it correctly? Perhaps. Did I stay consistent? No and that's what I'm aiming to change. 
5. What has worked as far as diets for you? Consistency and balance. Sometimes I wish I was a recovering ana, at least then I'd be thinner, but I can't stay in an emotional destroyed state of mind like that. Beauty over death sort of approach has never worked, sometimes I am happy with who I am, other times I'm desperate to change. Portion control and moderate exercise has done wonders, even emotionally, so I have to say this was the best method of choice.
6. How old are you? I am 22 years old, but on January 25th, I'll be 23.
7. Have any good recipes? I do actually, one that involves a crock pot and time.
1 head of cabbage [ a must ]
2 cans of HUNTS whole tomatoes - don't buy generic store, it taste like metal.
Any and all vegetables, best ones are green bell peppers, diced and de-seeded, along with squash. Your choice.
1 marrow bone OR steak bone, no meet, maybe a little.

Boil your bone in water, about half a pot [ a large pot, we're making soup ] until its dry, leave the bone in. Add your vegetables and cabbage and bring them to a boil, then transfer to a crockpot. Add whole cans of tomatoes and cook at a low temp, then eat. Leave temp around low to medium. You can eat as much as you want and wont gain anything, nothing - why? It's all vegetables. 

Note * Add a small can of whole tomatoes if more texture is needed [i.e. you used too much water] this is delicious, I really recommend those that want to try a clean fast before dieting.
8. What are you hoping to get out of this community? Other people's inspiration and involvement, a sort of, if you can do it, I can do it.
9. Do you want to add something? These things take time, shame and failure happens, even to me, but never give up on yourself.
10. What is your Livejournal name? mintygirl21 - feel free to Friend request me, my journal is a weight loss one and I enjoy company and friendly people!

[User Picture]From: cherokee_kid
2010-12-27 06:23 pm (UTC)
Welcome! I've noticed that quite a few of the new members are around my age. That should help us all. I'm taking small steps now, but come January, I'll be getting into some more serious stuff, so you'll see more posts from me.

I hope you find the inspiration here that you're looking for!
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[User Picture]From: mintygirl21
2010-12-28 05:43 pm (UTC)
I'm with ya on that! And that's good to know =D thanks for the welcome!
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[User Picture]From: cherokee_kid
2010-12-28 06:02 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: shaushka
2011-02-04 01:08 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday for a couple of weeks ago :)

I'm new here as well, looking for company and friendly people to travel with on this weight loss journey. How are you going so far this year?

Consistency and balance are so important! I find it really hard to find balance in terms of my food, though. I kind of need to get a little obsessed or I won't make good choices. I am hoping that balance is one of the things I can learn. After all, we are going to be doing this along time.

And what you said at the end is so true - it does take time but never give up :)


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[User Picture]From: mintygirl21
2011-02-05 11:53 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks for the birthday wish! C:

And I'm always looking for someone, I post and sometimes I find myself simply being dedicated to myself. I've been struggling with balance, especially finding the energy to exercise. I sort of want to get a video game to dance too but I'm looking for something long term.

Guh, it IS difficult, but you know, I'm not quitting. I sent you a friend request too.
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